This note is to convey my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent work you are doing in providing physical rehabilitation for my husband.

Heretofore, it was extremely difficult for me, as a caregiver, to properly perform the functions of picking him up in order to put him to bed, or to his chair, or to the car. More difficult was the taking him to the bathroom for the necessary bodily functions.

Before you undertook his physical rehabilitation, the probability that he would need to be taken to a nursing home became a virtual reality.

With the improvement in his balance and in his ability to stand, my physical exertions have been reduced to the point that I can handle him more easily. The contemplation of a nursing home for him has diminished.

With your help and as long as he continues to improve, I feel that I an adequately take care of him at home. All would agree that a home environment is more conductive to better health than a nursing home.

I am impressed with his improvement which is attributable to no small measure to you. So thank you again.