Bariatric Rehabilitation

Bariatric Surgery can be a life-transforming event for many who suffer from obesity. But did you know that nearly 1/3 of all bariatric patients cannot attain their goal weight, or once they lose the weight, they ACTUALLY GAIN IT BACK!

Although bariatric procedures are well known to reduce body weight, a fairly common metabolic disorder can limit the effectiveness of these procedures. This is known as “Syndrome X” and is thought to be the cause of diet and exercise-resistant obesity. This is because traditional dieting can cause the metabolism to actually slow down, forcing the body to store more fat for energy reserves. Moreover, inappropriate exercise(s) are often uncomfortable and difficult to maintain. This cycle can actually lead to weight gain!

Bariatric surgery is an effective way to mechanically restrict caloric intake needed to lose weight. However, if “Syndrome X” is present, a prescribed exercise program is often needed to assure permanent, healthy weight loss.

The Bariatric Fitness Program at Arroyo Physical Therapy is medically designed to complement your bariatric surgery and specifically address the goal limiting effects of “Syndrome X.” The program is also highly effective in addressing the physical limitations of obesity that usually prevent regular exercise and fitness.

We offer:
A) One-on-one support with a licensed Physical Therapist and Personal Trainers,
B) Treat orthopedic, soft-tissue and neurological effects of obesity, and
C) Motivating programs to help keep you on track for permanent, healthy weight loss.

Before surgery, (Pre-Op), your Physician may recommend Bariatric Rehabilitation and Fitness 8 – 10 weeks prior to your procedure that is designed to address some surgical risk factors that may be of concern to your Physician. These risk factors may include hypertension, reduced cardiac output, and diabetes. Your first therapy consultation will help establish your fitness levels, cardiovascular tolerance, blood-oxygen utilization, balance and mobility skills and general response to exercise.

After surgery (Post-Op) your Physician may order Physical Therapy 4 – 8 weeks after surgery. Your hour-long sessions typically combine cardiovascular, weight-training, flexibility & balance, and work-loading exercises that promote a steady “burn” of calories while maintaining healthy muscle mass. Therapy is typically rendered 2 – 3 times per week along with a specific “home exercise program” and regular follow-ups with your physician.

Reaching your ideal weight loss goals is only the beginning to a new and healthy life. We communicate directly and regularly with your Doctor(s) and are here to help you achieve your weight loss goals successfully and to assist you in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Your prescribed exercise and fitness plan is designed to encourage you, motivate you and continually make progress in an ongoing exercise program that get’s you back to your life with confidence.

Medicare and most PPO Insurance Plans cover Bariatric Physical Therapy.

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