• 1.Individualized attention
    • 2.Commitment to quality
    • 3.Strong reputation
    • 4.Cutting edge techniques

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  • "My back pain has dissapeared and I am now able to live pain free and go back to work. Thank you to the staff at Flagler Institute, you are indeed miracle workers, and I cannot stop telling all my friends and family about you! Thank you so much!"
    -Arthur H, Schaumberg, IL

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  • About Us PhotoAt Flagler Institute, our mission is to provide exceptional, progressive and cost effective rehabilitation services through personalized care...

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When you are injured or feeling discomfort, it can take over your life. It is not only a source of constant worry, but it can be debilitating, keeping you from your daily activities such as walking, driving, writing, gardening, lifting a child or holding a loved one.

Here at the Flagler Institute for Rehabilitation, we offer a variety of specialties to help relieve your pain or discomfort and improve the quality of your life. Our comprehensive care includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychosocial therapy, medical nutrition and on-site nursing — all supervised by a physician.


Hoycher Lift Unweighting System And Biodex Gait Analyzer

Patients Exercising

Wii Unit

Gym Workouts

Pilates Cadillac And Shuttle Units